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I just booked my tickets for THATCamp, a weekend-long unconference on technology in the humanities. From the current list of participants, it looks like I’ll be the sole representative of Asian Studies.

If other China-centric projects (CHGIS, CEDICT, EBTI?) aren’t planning to go but would like to have software mentioned, questions asked, concerns raised, please email me and I will do my best to represent the awesome work being done in Digital Sinology.

I will certainly make brief mention of Places (longer mention of Merrick uploads the new mysql dump so I can finally convert to rdf and open a sparql endpoint as promised), but many of the other presenters are GIS experts from whom I hope t gain some wisdom. My main focus will be showing off a prototype for my online critical edition creation app: Critex. The editing basics and a lovely way of handling critical apparatus are finished,

Almost all camp participants, as well as almost all ODH grants, go to projects in the discipline of history. Students of literature are perhaps a bit more fond of their books, and certainly have less to gain from multimedia, but I hope to show that computers and interlinking are as useful an advance as the indexes and concordances our predecessors mistrusted a few generations ago.

· Apr 27