Digital Publishers Needed

The best way to expand the field of digital humanities is to hasten the birth of profitable publishers of truly digital scholarship.

Prof. Handel’s TimesPinyin keyboard layout allows easy OS X input of toned pinyin. Just copy the layout into ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/, select it in the International preference pane, and restart so applications will recognize it.

Search the Quan Tang shi online.

Professor Victor Mair is actively blogging at Language Log

Advanced Chinese Self-Learning

Like many advanced students, I’m not fluent and I don’t constantly rely on Chinese to survive. So what can I do to keep up my language skills?

Nciku dictionary will let you draw a character with the mouse and select from a list. Seems fairly comprehensive and handy for characters with unclear radicals.

A fantastic online Annotated Works of Meng Jiao by Professor Lee Chien-kun.

The text of Soothill’s A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms is available online with a CJK index and Sanskrit equivalents.

The revised version of the Guoyu dacidian website is now functional.

Digital Sinology Survey

I have sent a brief survey to other Sinologists who use digital resources in the hopes of pooling our knowledge, effort and foresight.